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  1. Thanks.. been looking forward to watching this. Unfortunately Fox Sports is not available in Canada. I grew up seeing pro bowling on TV and now it would be unobtanium if it weren’t for YouTube.

    1. I have an andriod box I live in Canada. I get fox sports 1 thru that it’s awesome. HD even lol. I love it. thx for the upload bosoares I missed the telecast.

    1. Andrew Phillips I’m happy that Wes Malott won that playoff Match against Josh Blanchard however I’m surprised that Josh made a bad mistake on that last shot of the 10th frame

    2. @Tony Cantu if you have watched bowling the past forty years the older bowlers would tell you if you need nine pins on your last ball throw hard and straight at the one three pocket

    3. jeanine rondeaupu I’m only 19 years old but will be 20 years old by August 23 also I met Wes Mallot at highland lanes before

    4. You can try to put it nicely if you want, but Josh Blanchard simply choked on that last ball. He had the lane figured out when he threw 2 perfect strikes. He needed to throw the last ball the exact same way, and even with a ring-10 or some similar bad luck, he still would have won with a nine count. But that last ball was WAY off coming out of his hand. He missed his mark by 3 or 4 boards. Clearly, he just choked.

  2. Never saw this venue before. When I first watched it, I thought, is the crowd gonna be silent when the bowlers roll? Hellll no, keep it raucous portlanders, lobster 🦞 town rocks🦞👍👍.i think ‘big nasty’ deserved the win , against Blanchard. Wes botched the 2nd frame , but survived . Thanks Wes . Now my 2 favs to face-off, Malott vs. Butturff . ‘Big Nasty vs. Little Nasty.’ 🥵🎳🎳🎳

    1. Frozen place in winter. Verrrrry cold. Have to wear thick bearskin coats brrrrrrr. It’s a great atmosphere, very energetic, makes me want to yell Marshall, Marshall!!

  3. 16:57 Jesper is actually quite controlled with this outburst. Nothing broke, but, that may not be good for his hand 🙂

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