25 Comments on “PBA Bowling Playoffs Round of 8 11 08 2020 (HD)”

    1. @bosoares 😃 i live in Norway, so i don’t have this tv channel🤷🏻‍♂️🙈 so thank you alot for uploading😃

  1. Match Times:
    Belmonte vs Lavoie – 5:35
    Simonsen vs Prather – 24:50
    O’Neill vs Troup – 41:50
    Smallwood vs Miller – 1:01:40

  2. Is Belmo allowed to take that 2nd re-rack? He had his ball in his hands. I thought re-racks had to come first order of business. Once he picks up the ball, he can’t re-rack.

  3. That was just some sloppy carry by Tom Smallwood! It amazed me that the ball had enough power to trip all of those 4 pins and 5 pins. smh

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