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    1. Hard to argue against Prather’s, it’s so fundamentally beautiful. But I would definitely love to have BJ’s shot.

    2. Prather. Look how he gets his pointer finger straight down while completely behind the ball! Can’t get any more inside the ball than that. He’s so smooth but can hit 450 with it all day. A stroker with cranker revs!

  1. Surprised how many tucked their pinky finger. They don’t normally announce it when they are teaching others to bowl.

    1. That’s one of the “subtle” adjustments for when you need the ball to get down the lane just a touch longer but maintain the same shape and roll without having to move your feet. Tuck pinky, extend pinky, narrow or widen where the index finger is, adjust which finger the ball rests on to determine how “inside” you are and how much you get up the back or around it.

  2. I’m a fairly new bowler so I don’t completely know the ins and outs of bowling. There’s two things I’m noticing and was wondering if someone could answer these questions.

    A lot of these pros aren’t getting behind the ball on their throw. Is this acceptable? I been researching a lot and what I’ve gathered is that your hand should be on the inside of the ball and then you turn out (behind left and the rotate out right). Another position that I have a question about and it’s similar to the last one is some of them are releasing from the top of the ball. If the pros are doing well with these positions, why is teaching the other positions so emphasized. Plus, getting my hand behind the ball is putting a lot of strain on my wrist and forearm. Thanks in advance

    1. So are they gripping the bowling ball hard the whole time or do they have a settled grip all the way from the backswing to the release ?

    2. @Vinai Kounnorath The ball fit should be snug.
      The “grip” in the ball should be relaxed.
      The momentum from the swing will maintain the ball in the hand without undue grip pressure, if the fit is proper.
      In order to impart strong roll, the hand needs to be relaxed to uncoil at the point of release (as the ball passes the flat spot by the sliding foot ankle).

    3. @lazyarrow ohhhh makes sense… but my thumb likes to get caught alot as I keep playing, powder has helped alot though. Thanks for the advice!

    4. @Vinai Kounnorath I can only surmise as to the possible reasons this is happening to you.
      There can be a myriad of reasons.
      -You have a natural tendency to apply excess squeeze.
      -The span is not measured correctly.
      -Thumb pitches are wrong.
      -Thumbhole is either too big or too small.
      Or it can be a combination of any of the above.
      Seek the advice of a competent and certified IBPSIA pro shop operator, preferably one who can actually watch you roll the ball for a few frames.
      Wishing you well.

    5. im an average bowler with a 200 ish max score after my sessions but one thing i do realise is that even if ur hand dont go behind the ball u need to even out using ur legs or balance swimg, my hand doesnt go behind the ball alot but the common thing is that hands need to be beside ur hip and that backswing and grips should be at whats best comfortable for u, happy bowling mate ^.^

  3. How close they are to their leg i wouldve knocked myself over 😭 i lean into my approach because of my clumsiness

    1. I remember during my cranker days, I would occasionally, maybe 2-3 times per league season, hit my ankle during my approach.

  4. Anyone have any tips on how to really the ball lower i been bowling for a few years now and while I’m getting better I still loft the ball on the lane

    1. I think your problem might be that your thumb hole is too tight. Also, make sure your ball fits well so you can relax your hand. I used to have this problem too but I started using tape for fine adjustments and it works like a charm.

    1. Check out our other videos in the channel. We have ALL the full shots in normal speed and super slow mo for you ✌🏼

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