22 Comments on “PBA Bowling Strike Derby 06 06 2020 (HD)”

  1. I absolutely love that you do this bosoares. I missed this yesterday so I am very happy you got it up this quick.

    1. Dont know if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram account using InstaPortal. Find it on google if you wanna try it yourself

  2. I am so thankful the PBA is back this is a bit of a light that I needed at the end of the tunnel to see

  3. I don’t think anyone can thank bosoares enough for putting this up so quick! Thank you! ❤

  4. Great show…to hot for me…used to do these at the bowling alley I worked at when I was 19.. Tough to strike that fast!! Plus that hot!!

  5. Greatly appreciated brother keep it going😍👏🏽 missed these lads rolling some sick shots!

  6. A good response for what would have been close to the all star break and home run derby of the MLB. This should be a yearly thing as it’s quite enjoyable to watch.

  7. 35:00 “Who do you think is NOT gonna win?” “Sean Rash. Coz he balks too much” Ouch! LOL!

  8. “It’s like my old acting coach Jim Rash once told me” Blake: “you know what fuk Jim Rash ok. Cus I’ll give you a rash” and scene 🎥

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