18 Comments on “PBA Bowling Tour Finals 05 30 2017 (HD)”

  1. 17:35 When you’re pissed that the oponent is lucky, and you don’t want to rage so people can hear it.

  2. shout out from SC roots. I just really started bowling last summer 2016 before I didn’t know what the arrows where lol. It is harder than it looks.

  3. you are awesome for getting this up… I was sitting here waiting for the PBA channel to get around to it.

    thank you!

  4. In the third game you can see that Ryan wants someone to hand him a few body bags, a handgun, and a shovel.

  5. I love how after Rash misses in the 4th frame they immediately cut to Belmo sipping on his water bottle hahahah

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