23 Comments on “PBA Bowling Tour Finals Championship Round 06 19 2018 (HD)”

  1. One must remember, you have a round ball hitting round pins hitting other round pins. You are going to leave 7, 8, 9 and 10 pins for no apparent reason. One game everything falls, the next game nothing falls. That is bowling!

    1. Randy the Moose simonsen’s ball just wasn’t going through the pins the right way. And if something ain’t working, why you still doing it that way? Move damnit!

  2. I think nerves got to Tackett on that last frame, ball caught got in his hand causing him to loft it and miss his mark by maybe two boards but that was all it took. Good tournament.

  3. I don’t understand why people hate on two hands, like why can’t there be different styles? There’s different styles in all sports, it’s just a method of how to bowl better in my opinion. People are always figuring out ways to do things better so I don’t really see why two handed bowling would be any different.

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