24 Comments on “PBA Bowling Tour Finals Round 2 06 06 2017 (HD)”

  1. Have you noticed that just 2 years ago, Belmonte’s name has been in every commentator’s mouth, even when he was not bowling, especially Randy’s. But now, it’s about Svensson. A little Tackett too. But it’s like Belmo is old news now.

    1. thegdoat1 he looks like he is going to strike no matter what making that face, even if he has to throw his shoes at the pins.

  2. haven’t started watching yet but I wonder what ball jesper will use I mean it’s not like it’s obvious what he will use

    1. Jim Tore Oshaug I’m from Gothenburg… Whenever he says Gothensburg I cringe and want to slap him across the face lol

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