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  1. Man I feel sorry for Jesper. Talk about getting kicked in the gut. Right when the match was in hand. Bowling can be such a cruel sport at times.

    1. Jak Herbertson i have a love hate relationship with it. I have very high highs and pretty low lows. as a bowler you always strive for consistency but sometimes you just have a bad night with a few bad breaks.

  2. Okay, so the thumbnail for this video is perfect. Got a snapshot of Rash looking like the hulk!!! Square jaw and all!!! 😂😂

  3. great game by the way.. belmo has good emotion control same as jesper.. rash a bit harsh some time.. need to contol it.. .. so congrat to belmo…

  4. Belmo is the #realiceman. Sean Rash shakes in his boots when matched up with Belmo. Jasver Svensson showed a lot of promise but not yet at par with ‘the two-hander from down under’ when it’s money time.

  5. when you realize everyone is so mad about “oh bowling is so bad now” “two handed is pathetic” for no random reason but just to complain. I mean come on you children it’s a goddamn sport. Get used to the new stuff that happens. If everything was the same as before we would all get bored.

    1. Sure, lets put trapdoors in the approach, minefields in the midlane, and nail the fucking pins down. You realize that pins are lighter than in the past, the sideboards have been changed to allow more bounce back from the pins, bowlers now have a battery of balls made so they can switch, instead of using their skills, and there are more bowlers bowling two handed because it creates more revs and less accuracy needed. When you have time, look at a number of games two handers bowl and see how many brooklyn and in the nose strikes they get. Every two hander that I have seen on the lanes might get a fair amount of sloppy strikes but, they can’t shoot a spare if their lives depended on it.

    2. You see it too? It drives me crazy sometimes how people are so selfish they think an entire sport needs to revolve around their every desire. If it’s not catering to them, they should leave it entirely and quit complaining. Decades from now the this new generation will think back to when bowling was like it is right now, anyway.

    3. Bowling is better now. Who the hell wanted to keep watching the snooze fests like Walter Ray playing down and in on every oil pattern. Or worse Earl Anthony who bowled like a robot. I’ll take Belmonte and all his rev rate and power over the old dinosaurs.

  6. That pattern they are bowling on seems like a house shot because they have quite a bit of miss room right and left for a sport shot

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