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    1. Yeah, several times during the match you can see it. I wonder what’s going on back there since someone has to fetch pins so much! 😀

    2. I know this is late but I worked in a bowling ally for a very long time and what happens is the pins get caught spinning on the ball wheel (which comes before the pin wheel) and this will not only hang the balls up but the pins as well. So you need to just reach down there and give them a little tap. In open bowling this isn’t a huge problem because if someone just throws another ball, that will generally knock the pin out of the way, but during a tournament, you always have someone sitting behind the two machines being used. This leads to them instantly correcting the issue. It’s also distracting if you are trying to shoot a single pin spare and you see your ball and a pile of pins just sitting on the shaker board.

      Hope this helps.

    1. Oh definitely, I met him in 2016 during the PBA50 Treasure Island World Championship, from popular belief he is rude, false, he was very kind to me, even giving me tips

    2. @Nick Berg yeah. He just likes to blame bad shots on something. You can obviously tell he isnt a complete prick 24/7. Just like half the time lol

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