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    1. The show was on Fox (which allows me to copy from DVR) and I was home today so could get it all done quick. Doesn’t always work that way, especially when it’s on FS1 or I’m not around the day it replays on FS2.

  1. Due to a copyright claim, your YouTube video has been blocked in some countries. This means that your video is still up on YouTube, but people in some countries may not be able to watch it.

    Copyrighted content: Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)

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    Blocked countries: Bouvet Island, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Norway, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Sweden.

    If you’re in one of those countries, sorry, not my fault they play songs in these shows.

    1. @SMH Ace of Spades I do think so, because the two handed style simply generates so much power, and you didn’t see a lot of high rev rate guys in the 90s

  2. thank you for getting this up, hulu didnt show the ending and u were the second resource i thought of so thanks a whole bunch 🙂

    1. @Curly Fry @bosoares lol. He’s usually my first choice since I generally miss the original broadcast and re-broadcast due to work other commitments.

    1. Schizo AK_47 I’m not saying Simonsen and Belmonte are in the same boat, but what I am saying is that Simonsen already has 7 PBA tour titles and he got to that number in 7 years. He is nowhere near the 20 years required to be eligible for nomination into the hall of fame, but he is nearing the ten title requirement. That’s all I was saying.

    2. You wouldn”t be saying that if you were a pba member who’s having a difficult time clinching his first tour, let alone a major title thanks to the intense competition, so please stop telling us how easy it is to get into the hall of fame just because Belmo makes it look like child’s play.

    3. @Random Bowling Ok … And the point I was making is that we both know the nature of bowling. He could continue to win but two-handers are synonymous with poor spare making. Slumps, injury, bad breaks that cost making the show. No implication here, this is bowling and this sport can be downright brutal.

    4. Schizo AK_47 I understand where you are coming from with two-handers being synonymous with poor spare shooting, but given enough practice, anyone can be a really good spare shooter. Take a look at PDW. He’s been on tour for who knows how long and he is regarded as pretty much the best spare shooter there is. Why? Because he has had years of practice at shooting at all sorts of spares. I’m not upset with your comment, as I understand where you are coming from, and yes, unfortunately the sport is brutal to us players sometimes

    5. @Schizo AK_47 maybe most 2-handers are poor spare shooters, but i don’t think Belmo is.. you don’t get 12 majors by poor spare shooting

    1. Bowling Planet Ikr when I seen this on fox and when I heard that sound I was wondering what was that sound until they said their was issues

  3. Wow Belmo finally wins it and gets the Triple Crown, Super Slam and his 12th Major title. Absolutely incredible and well deserved. Bosoares, you are a legend with the quick upload.

  4. Thank you for the upload bosoares! Also, great cover photo. It doesn’t give us a hint as to who wins. Keep up the great work! Wow Belmo, unbelievable! Shout out to Perry for one hell of a tournament!

  5. OMG, my heart was beating so fast. Never felt like this before on Belmo’s previous matches. Congratulations Jason, you are one of the greatest of all time. Thank you king Bosoares for uploading this so quick. You are awesome 😎

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