34 Comments on “PBA Bowling US Open 10 30 2019 (HD)”

    1. @Tetron Yep — I realized that after seeing all the other videos uploaded by bosoares. Jason Belmonte hasn’t been doing as well lately as he used to. Anything change?

    2. @Bob Jones His only real change was losing more often. Other than that everything’s the same LOL JK. Your username reminds me of the golfing legend, Bobby Jones, btw. Related, or just coincidence?

    3. Nick M. Ha! No relationship. I heard that all the time when I played golf. Gave it up, but bowling is great…especially during our winter months.

  1. Holy cow bosoares got this uploaded fast! Thank you brother. My TV provider does not carry CBS Sports and I didn’t get to see the show

    1. My TV provider doesn’t carry but 7 channels, so to be fair it sucks tits. But I’ve got YouTube, and this was a bonus for me.

    1. I loved it when they showed prather’s 300. also thank’s for just putting the timestamps and not the scores or the winner!!

  2. How is it “only possible” to make the Greek church going to the left side? I’ve picked up a few times by going to the right side and deflecting the 6 off of the nine into the 4 and the 7

    1. Joey Glover you can also slam that side into the pit and hope for a bounce out like with the 7-10. That’s probably how it’s converted most honestly.

    2. Joey, I agree. The one time I made it was by knocking the 6 off of the 9 and into the 4-7. When Holman said that, I just shook my head and thought, “Really?”

  3. When Simonsen made a multiple difficult split conversions, I thought he could win the tournament. But his luck ended against Lavoie. Congratulations Lavoie and thank you Bosoares

  4. I tried explaining to my wife..sometimes all it takes is ‘just the tip’. Thank you Simonsen for proving my point @58:37 ^_^

    1. I could not watch, only skipped ahead. The crowds are so incredibly misinformed they literally ruin every episode for me.

    2. I was bowling action against the guys at 34th ave. Bowl in queens nyc// i threw a split in tenth and still shot 249// lanes were so dry at 2:00am// there was 100 guys on bleachers that were betting against us// 3 man team action matches// only couple hundred up front// in the rear it could have been thousands// i can never forget the thunderous applause// my team mates were dead in the water// both crankers// they shot 160 and 150/ i shot 249 and felt that my partners should have thrown hard and not turn the ball// it was a learning experience**

    3. It’s like in golf:

      Whispers, “DJ has a shot from behind the tree at number 5. He’s got nothing really, and has to pitch out back into the fairway.”

      Clonk! He hits the tree face on and the ball hits his caddie in the crotch.

      Audience claps.

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