40 Comments on “PBA Bowling US Open 10 31 2018 (HD)”

    1. BeckyBirder Second tournament in row a foreign bowler has claimed the ladder Beef Stu did a few weeks ago. Great bowling.

  1. That was possibly the best performance in a PBA event since the 90s
    Dom deserves Bowler of the year

    1. King James Disagree. Jason is a head case that has trouble keeping cool when the pressure rises. Don’t get me wrong, I love his physical game. One of the purest deliveries ever, but doesn’t mean squat if your best shots are the ones posted on Instagram.

    2. at this point every major manufacturer has good balls, the facade of competition there is simply to get everyone to buy balls more frequently, it’s actually just about the only thing keeping this sport alive

    3. Note to self (and everyone else):

      Don’t look in the comments section until AFTER you watch the video. Spoilers are everywhere

  2. Dom you’re a worthy winner and fair play to contenders they’ve shown a good camaraderie
    it’s really enjoyable to watch

    1. that last game almost ended in a tie. If the 10 pin stayed up in the 11th shot, then he ties it and it goes to a roll off.

  3. Everyone had chances against Dom and they weren’t able to get it done. I feel bad for EJ as watching the match, he looked very strong and confident and I thought no way he wasn’t going to strike. Dom executed brilliantly and executed like a surgeon when he really needed to.

  4. Sometimes Bowling shows how people accept defeat and disappointment in life. Notice how Marshall Kent, EJ Tackett and Jacob Butturff accepted defeat and how they showed sportmanship and respect despite of the disapponting result of their game. Compared to Kris Prather who doesn’t even bothered to give eye contact to Dom Barrett after the game. (1:2:46)

  5. You deserve it, Dom, actually i have been waiting your us titles, so now, glad to see your title. Your ball change is amazing!!! keep going as like today.

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