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  1. Rino Page 👍👍👍first time watching you 3months ago ! You’re one of my idol already !! Norm,Pete,Rino!!!😎👍love watching you gentlemen 👏🏻👍 you deserved it more to win that U.S. open !!!

  2. I was there all week during match play. It was Brutal. Needs to be a better prize fund. 30k isn’t enough. I hope they can get some sponsors.

  3. ESPN gives the info about the arsenal of the bowlers. Even they can show the balls before the match for us to see layouts.

    1. Marshall Holman is one of the most annoying, if not the most annoying, announcer. I was never a huge Randy Peterson fan, but he sounds like an angel compared to Marshall. His commentary when players miss their shot is horrible. He needs to be fired.

  4. This is just sad! 30k after bowling this grind? I love to bowl, but these prize funds are just a slap in the face!

    1. Having bowled a stepladder tournament in the past, I can tell you there is a dedication like no other sport to win one. Other sports’ athletes get paid many times more just to show up, but these guys spend their lives in bowling alleys for a “chance” at a middle class wage?

      No tournament like this should pay less than 250k for top prize.

    2. Mika Koivuniemi made $40,000 as the second place finisher in the 2011 US Open, while the 2017 US Open only awarded $30,000 to the winner.

    3. @veggieoilerfan More depressing, on the PBA50 tour, a televised 300 is $1K. Historically, some have even been $100K.

  5. i wish the money in bowling was as good as golf 30,000 for all that bowling isnt much for having to go thru a field of that caliber

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