30 Comments on “PBA Bowling Viper Championship 12 27 2015 (HD)”

    1. +yacovarb1 It just finished uploading and YT takes some time to show HD. I used the same 720p60fps resolution I always use so with some time it will be in HD πŸ™‚

  1. About these games, and character charisma, and enjoyment of the Sport of Bowling:
    I enjoy watching bowling, however, I was bored watching this telecast. Just like the the Rolltech Finals, there seemed to be a lack of excitement for the game from the audience, at least for me. Maybe the ESPN producers requested that the players and audience hold down the noise. It is a good thing they did NOT have those stupid plastic horns, but maybe the loud clapper sticks would have been good. I don’t consider myself as a cynical or critical person.

    1. +uh huh Agreed. With the Rolltech, it was at least out in the main grandstand area where they could seat more, but the whole atmosphere was like “meh.” This is an abomination. It’s a very neat place where the bar used to be in the NBS, but to have televised finals down there for such a prestigious event? Not good at all.

      And this is coming from someone who still loves the PBA and wants to be part of it…even though it looks like i’ll be a senior member lol.

      Don’t be afraid to be critical. It’s comments like this (classy, but critical in pointing out things that just don’t bode well with bowling fans) that gets things changed for the better. πŸ˜‰

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