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    1. @DASO MILITIA That snap is what every medium to high rev bowler use so i think she will be fine. It doesn’t really put all that much pressure on the joints.

    2. @TraumaER Of course. Maximum Bob. And if your point in mentioning him is to point out injuries then to my knowledge his problem were hip related. And also for a 1 handed player he still is the extreme. Mid 400’s is not something that should create any arm injuries.

  1. Thank you once again for you uploads, much appreciated.
    Best wishes from Manchester, England (About 30 miles from Stu Williams)

    1. How can the PBA allow such a stupid scoring alteration? It in no way improves the game for the spectator. For the bowlers, it is a major screw up. Whoever came up with it should be banned from bowling centers for life.

    2. @Accumulator1 The PBA didn’t want this but it’s only for the Olympics which is the way they can since the Olympic committee wants to know who’s winning all the time.

    1. May I ask why? I’m a one handed bowler and I think that the two handers are doing nothing but HELPING, attracting people who may not be able to bowl one handed to the sport and allowing many others to play it. Makes the game more diverse.

  2. I really don’t like this scoring system, the rules of bowling aren’t that complicated, but whatever it takes to get to the olympics.

    1. @krueger 666 It definitely attracts a young crowd, especially the youth movement for the sport right now is insanely big.

  3. Two best days of the week…league night and bosoares upload day! Once again I say, thank you very much!

  4. When you get older, like liz Johnson, you tend to waiver when you post the shot. This leads to a inconsistent roll. Her bad knees don’t help.

  5. Hate the scoring LOVE THE GOAT LIZ JOHNSON. Also LOVE Rob Stone and Randy Peterson’s dynamics JUST THE BEST

  6. Hey man, thank you for Uploading those Bowling Tours, im from Germany and i Love to watch this 😀 thank you so much sir!

  7. 35:19 Holy cats!!! This happens almost every time I start to get a strike streak. It gets much worse when it’s 5 in a row :0

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