22 Comments on “PBA Bowling World Championship 03 13 2021 (HD)”

  1. Thanks for uploading so fast! I could’ve watched Live had I wanted too but I choose to watch ncaa basketball conference tournaments instead

  2. Dammit. I’ve watch the replay a number of times since yesterday. The emotion in his voice when he calls out his 3 girls’ names and his voice nearly breaking when he said “I did it”, it gets me. Definitely an emotional win for him, all the struggles he’s had over the years.

  3. Thanks once again for posting this! Lanes weren’t a carry contest this time…made for an interesting finals!

  4. Watching the pin action on the trip 2-8, here’s a rundown. He borderline bounced the 3 pin out of the pit, it tapped the 8, the 5 was in between the 2 and 8 so when the 8 fell into the 5, the 5 knocked over the 2

  5. Que bien por Tom, que bien que ganó este torneo. Felicidades y saludos desde México de parte de otro amante de este bonito juego que he jugado desde hace poco más de 50 años.

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