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  1. This replay started late due to another live event before this and to make it fit the slot Fox cut the 2nd half of 3rd game. That wasn’t me, it was how they clipped the replay on FS2. I hope you enjoy this upload, at least the final match is complete.

    1. I, like many others, appreciate you doing this….I wouldn’t get to watch these otherwise. Thank you!

    2. @DoomLordDeekus Derek Yeah, I got to see that one live and it sucked for him, the pin setter dropped the 5 and they reset it to its original position so it’s too far now for him to make it. He threw it perfectly to catch the pin if it had been where he left it but because it was reset then he only got the 6 pin (which now is not where the 6 was anyways).

  2. And he did it in less than 10 years! Truly one of the all time greats and THE best to ever show up in a major tournament.

    1. @LaernHowToSpell Back then, according to dale traber, there were at least 40 PBA tournaments a year.

    2. @Jared Coker All of Jason Belmonte’s majors in chronological order:
      2011 players championship
      2013 USBC masters
      2014 tournament of champions
      2014 USBC masters
      2015 tournament of champions
      2015 USBC masters
      2017 players championship
      2017 USBC masters
      2017 world championship
      2019 tournament of champions
      2019 world championship
      2020 U.S. open for both slams and triple crown
      2020 world championship(3rd straight)

    3. It’s even more impressive when you think about how long it took players like Duke, Weber, and WR Williams Jr to capture theirs.

  3. I was getting emotional seeing Belmonte get emotional talking about his family. Belmonte is a flat out BOSS on the lanes. He’s unreal. He stuffs it in the 10th and shreds the rack in the 11th for the Major win. 21 titles with 11 of those being Majors. Just like Steph Curry has impacted basketball with his 3 point success, Belmonte has done to bowling….future bowlers with the success of his 2 handed style. A total game changer. It’s great to witness history. It’s great to witness greatness. Legend!

  4. With just 35 years old, he already became the best of the best and earned the most Majors ever. Let’s See what He can Do in the next 15 or even 20 years from now. Breaking the 20 Majors is a goal pretty realistic with that guy on the lanes.

  5. This was awesome!!! Bowling is the best sport, ever!! Jason, congrats and I am so proud of you!!! Your family has got to be estatic, and can’t wait to share your success and joy, together!! God bless you all!!

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