33 Comments on “PBA Bowling WSOB Chameleon Championship 03 19 2019 (HD)”

  1. It starts abruptly and there was at least one point that a 7 10 split cut to the next bowler. That wasn’t me, it was how they clipped the show to replay on FS2. I can’t upload the FS1 videos due to copy protection so I record replays on FS2 and upload those. Sometimes Fox screws up how they edit the video to replay (because on live shows it usually goes over the allotted time). I hope you still enjoy this upload.

    1. Thanks for uploading!!!! Does anyone have an issue with scoreboard graphic blocking bowlers release its killing this for me

  2. take a shot everytime randy peterson says “jason belmonte is the best bowler on the planet”…i suggest you call an uber

    1. @steve com that’s like comparing Giannis Antetokounmpo to Lebron James. One IS the best player on the planet but the other is young and will catch up? Sorry, that don’t fly and neither does your statement. Belmo IS the best bowler on the planet.

  3. This is the only way I could watch these tournaments, so a few glitches are nothing,,,You have no need to apologise.
    Thank you as always from Manchester, England.

  4. troup being savage with the 8-pin reference! chapman played a great game against belmo, but was desperately unlucky. he’s gonna win on tv sooner rather than later!

  5. Thanks for posting this, it’s the only place I can find bowling on, enjoy watching it also to improve my games. Great win tonight

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