21 Comments on “PBA Bowling WSOB Cheetah Championship 03 18 2019 (HD)”

  1. Kyle‘s last game is my bowling life story for the past month. I just can’t get anything to carry. Try different balls, try different lines. It’s always a nine it seems. 😖

  2. Thank you as always from Manchester, England. Will you be uploading the rest of the coverage this week?

    1. @bosoares Any idea when the Matches from 3/21/19 will be up? I missed it last night b.c I was at league night myself. Would love to watch asap haha

  3. thanks for the upload mate, loving the fact that kyle’s shirt got more and more blue as the telecast went on

  4. Thanks for the upload.

    Not going to lie though, I’m thinking a plastic with a core, put 360 or 180 on it and just let it roll off the edge of the lane would work out for this pattern.

  5. Just been getting back into bowling after a several-year hiatus, and I just gotta say… Good to have Rob Stone back! He and Randy are a great duo. Also, thanks for the uploads!

  6. 22:31 was this miss a result of pulling the ball from the top of the swing instead of letting the ball flow naturally???

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