23 Comments on “PBA Bowling WSOB Scorpion Championship 03 20 2019 (HD)”

  1. Prather is a class act. He’s had a tough time during his career, but things are finally turning for him. Congratulations Kris.

  2. They need to move the scoreboard and the graphs in another spot on the screen. They get in front of the shots sometimes.

    1. As well as putting a lid on the commentators continuing stories laced with bad humor while the bowler is in the middle of delivery.

  3. The first thing that comes to Prather is not being able to bowl with his friends in certain tournaments now that he has a PBA title. Thinking about his friends in his moment of glory.. interesting.

  4. Uh, Randy, Scorpions are “Arthropods” not “Anthropods.” Anthropods, a race of alien creatures in the computer game X-COM: Apocalypse.

  5. Man I wish I could get into bowling again. when in my early 20’s id bowl 4 or 5 nights a week. I have some freak as thing that only hurts my wrist when I bowl, no other time. Ive tried everything, by the 3rd game I can hardly hold the ball. Such a bumber

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