20 Comments on “PBA Experience Patterns: Shark”

  1. I bowled on shark in my PBA league and shot 757 for 4 games (189 average) while playing up 5 or 6 with a jigsaw corner makes me question how legit the pattern was but I was happy with my performance.. lol

  2. Wow. I know that it is a lower scoring pattern for the pros but this really demonstrated just how difficult it is. A lot of these shots i thought were good much of the way and then it just went wrong anyway. I should really get my local bowling center to put this on soon and try it out.

  3. i bowled on this pattern for the first time ever today. the first game i threw…130. second and third game got a little better. figured it out a little and averaged about 190 the last 4. pretty darn challenging. but i love a challenge.

  4. the only good thing about this pattern is picking the corners!!! all you have to do is miss outside and bam, corner! being a stroker lefty, I play straight down 2nd arrow with a strong ball and do well.

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