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  1. I’m not the best at estimating revs, but as it stands right now “high revs” are anything 370 and above. You gotta remember though, he was using urethane, so unless you’re calculating his revs using a frame by frame, it’s kind of hard to tell, wouldn’t you say?

  2. I’m just looking at his release speed and it doesn’t look very fast=maybe a 300ish rev rate. And urethane didn’t exactly roll the best.
    That being said I guess that is “high” for a left hander.
    I rarely see another lefty within 10 boards of me.

    1. cranker doesn’t necessarily mean higher backswing though. It’s mostly about rev rate/how much along the side of the ball you get. So someone with a lot of rotation/tilt but a slow ball speed could still be considered a cranker.

  3. their LEFTY, [the one with the ‘high revs’] doesnt have much of a backswing because he is as BIG as he is!…..thats the only reason i can see for that, but i also disagree with him using a Urethane on the pattern.

  4. One thing about all of these patterns, after 8 games or so their characteristics break down and the house tendencies start to take over. If the pattern doesn’t suit your game you have to manage your game until the shot opens up. In a PBA experience or Sport league the bowler may never see that transition so it becomes more about matching a ball, surface, and layout for you game on the condition to maximize your accuracy.

  5. Also, if you are serious about your game, put asidee all the discussion about the bowlers shown in the video and if they are really crankers or high rev players. That is all beside the point and you are wasting time and energy. You would be better served paying attention to what you are being told on how to play the lanes for a given pattern.

  6. Best part of the video was when David was bowling leaves a 7-10 shortly after saying a urethane ball will lead to less splits and open frames. 

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