PBA Gutterballs, Fouls and Mistakes

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54 Comments on “PBA Gutterballs, Fouls and Mistakes”

    1. Ball came in so late it actually hit the 3 back into the pit before it took out the 5-6, instead of the 3 taking out the 6 and 10. Then the ball bails out and goes straight through the 9… Had the 7, 8, 10 momentarily too.

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    3. Only time I’d ever seen that hit until I did it in a tournament recently, on my shot, the headpin bounced across the lane taking out both the 8 and the 10.
      Maximum Bob and I are polar opposites in rev rates too.

    1. These videos are not only entertaining, but also well edited and to the point, how actual videos should be. Thank you as I just watched all your videos back to back after discovering your channel.

  1. Video: “Wont be many gutterballs because bowlers dont do that”
    Also video: *Well over half of it is gutterballs*

    1. Nice dude. I see you have subbed to Dude Perfect and SMG4. Ma man. 😁👍❤️👌🎳🎳👌❤️👍😁

  2. 3:04 Just discomfort silence and no lound of the pins moving on the pit, just the sweep go down to say: yes, it’s a gutter. Try again.

  3. Used to watch pro bowling back in the 80’s and 90’s, sure miss the old pros like Earl Anthony, was so smooth and accurate.

  4. 2:25 Del Ballard’s gutter I watched live on TV. I was 14 and the 1st time I had ever seen a pro gutter. My innocence was lost that fateful Saturday.

    1. Not really. There’s a reason good ole Del hasn’t been on tv pretty much at all since then…..his wife is a better bowler than him.

    2. ​@Sludge I was 12 at the time, and while I was surprised at the “incident”, people forget that week after week after week, bowlers were playing the one board repeatedly. What I was surprised at more was the fact that Del lost the grand Prize check with that ball.

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