PBA in Slow Motion | Pete Weber

Slow-motion highlights of PBA Tour Hall of Famer and 37-time champion Pete Weber.

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13 Comments on “PBA in Slow Motion | Pete Weber”

  1. Hi One day I want to become a PBA bowler my bowling couches are trying to get me to that level so I can I am so happy Saturday was a 237 for the first time but it was in a no tap where you get nine pins or eight pins and it’s count as a strike but one day I want to bowl in the PBA I know I could now but I still need to get a little bit better

  2. How about Mark Roth in slow-mo. I mean, considering he just passed and all, that would have been cool to see. There’s already a 100 vids of Weber in Slo-mo on YouTube. RIP Mark Roth.

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