21 Comments on “PBA Instant Classic | EJ Tackett vs. Jason Belmonte | 2023 PBA World Championship Title Match”

  1. What an incredible match this was. The best 1 hander vs the best 2 hander. Belmo’s run from match play was amazing, and to have the whole tournament come down to the wire against EJ like this, you just couldn’t have scripted it any better. So happy for EJ!

  2. Look at the amazing sportsmanship shown by Belmo. That guy is all class. Cheers to EJ on the epic victory, cheers to Jason on showing everyone the way as well.

  3. Happy to see EJ get the win. Belmo is the best of the best, and seems like a genuinely good dude, but I root against him because he wins SO much. EJ had nerves of steel in this match, he definitely earned it.

  4. Awesome match, I’ve watched 3x , maybe I will agian, it’s so good !! Congrats EJ T. Viva one hand !!

  5. Man, incredible match.
    Always enjoy watching these two bowl and really glad to see EJ succeeding. Guy is a monster.

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