3 Comments on “PBA King of the Lanes Flashback | 2021 KOTL Show 4 | Mack, Sterner, Bohn”

  1. How about returning to the real PBA formats of the 1970s and 80s when this was a “competitive professional sport” with major network contracts (ABC, ESPN, NBC) and not an internet side show or WWE wrestling like it is today. How about a consistent 42 game winter tour like then then fall and summer tours? How about not attracting crazy fans screaming all the time and make this serious again? This is why bowling centers lose members every year from good leagues to just “cosmic bowling”. It has turned from serious competition to a party theme. You do not see this in the PGA or Tennis or anywhere else for that matter. Only perhaps in the “pro am” events in which this should be done, not in the competition part. Miami for example has lost 4 of its 5 major bowling centers in the past years and I can bet lack of a strong PBA tour is partly responsible for this. The tour had very high ratings when they ran it back then and that had positive influences of joining good leagues in these bowling centers. Find me a good scratch league today? There are very few.

    1. I completely agree. While I am still a junior so I probably do not have any say in this, but I think it would actually be best to just start all over again… Regarding fans, I believe that they should have at least some records within bowling (ie, they were in a bowling league, or bowled tour). That way, there aren’t some nobodies that constantly annoy the players. Also, while this may or may not sound cheap, I believe that a bowling center DESIGNATED towards those who are in leagues, or who constantly bowl tournaments. At the theoretical center, it would be so much easier to have patterns put down, and also not be bothered by the new bowlers who just walk up to the lane, throw it, then ask the entire group to watch their 6 pound ball moving at 5 mph. Lastly, while I currently am in a scratch league, I rarely find others. worst part is, is that there are about 12 people in it, and they also put down ridiculously hard bowling patterns without even giving us any assistance.

    2. Because those other sports bring in $$$$ . Bowling does not have the mass appeal like in the old days. Pretty simple

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