PBA League Biggest Moments | Love from the Fans

Love from the PBA League fans at Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine.

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8 Comments on “PBA League Biggest Moments | Love from the Fans”

  1. So many great moments from the PBA league, and 2 of them I was there to see in person! It’s always fun to watch Pete Weber doing his thing, and Brad Miller (my favorite PBA pro) struck every shot, not just the moment when he tripped the 4 pin and went crazy. I told him after the stepladder final that I was cheering for him the whole time, and he said, “I know.” Hoping to go back to Bayside Bowl next year and watch in person again. What’s not to love about Bayside Bowl and the PBA league experience? If you haven’t been to Bayside Bowl, I recommend making the trip.

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