PBA League Flashback | 2020 Anthony Division Part 2

Highlights from the 2020 PBA League Anthony Division competition.

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9 Comments on “PBA League Flashback | 2020 Anthony Division Part 2”

  1. My main ball in the future is gonna be the Brunswick Defender!

  2. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuiden donde quiera que von.Monster encantan tus videos.

  3. Troup Prather big nasty trio is.. NASTY they aren’t just top heavy tho like LA X with belmonte and butturf they have some more solid supporting contributors in packy and Andrew Anderson šŸ’Æ

  4. With all due respect I am ready to forget about 2020 let alone already flash back to it. I do appreciate the channel.

  5. ģ¤‘ģ•½ģ§€ ķ¬ģ¼“ģ‚¬ģ“ė”œ ź²Øėƒ„ ģƒ·.ķŒ”ė”œģŠ¬ė£Øė•Œ ģ—„ģ§€ģ²™ģ†ėŖØģ–‘ģ—ģ„œ ģ—„ģ§€ėė¶€ė¶„ģ„ ė°”ė‹„ģŖ½ģœ¼ė”œģ§ź°ģ—ź°€ź¹ź²Œģˆ™ė†“ź³  ģ¤‘ģ•½ģ§€ė„¼ ģˆ˜ģ§ģœ¼ė”œ ź±øģ–“ģ˜¬ė ¤ģ„œģ³ė³“ģ‹œė©“ģš”.ģ“ė•Œ ģ—„ģ§€ėė¶€ė¶„ģ“ ķ¬ģ¼“ģ‚¬ģ“ė”œ ź²Øėƒ„ķ•“ģ„œģ³ė³“ģ‹œė©“ģš”. ėøŒėž˜ģ“ķ¬ķ¬ģøķŠøģ—†ģ“ ģ¼ģžė”œ ģ­‰.

  6. ė°˜ėŒ€ė”œ ģ—„ģ§€ė¼ģøģ„ ģœ„ė”œė†’ģ“ģ„øģ›Œė†“ź³  ģ¤‘ģ•½ģ§€ė„¼ ģˆ˜ģ§ģœ¼ė”œ ė¦¬ķ”„ķŒ…ķ•“ģ„œģ³ė³“ģ‹œė©“ģš”.

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