PBA Lowlights | Pete Weber Edition |

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29 Comments on “PBA Lowlights | Pete Weber Edition |”

    1. Snapface Instachat My favorited is when yells at a photographer “Do not flash the camera on my approach! I’m telling you don’t do it! She flashes the camera on my approach! I hear it! Don’t do it again!” Pete’s nagging at her after taking off his shades lol. I’m laughing at that one! 😂📸

  1. Good way to see what he leaves the most. No way I could open my shoulder like that and hold a shot.

    1. @Keanu reeves It’s damn funny. Let’s pretend that Pete Weber is the only pro bowler who left a sold 10, or 7, or whatever.

    2. @Keanu reeves He only said what like 99% of actual bowlers are thinking when watching these kinds of videos.

      That said, context needs to be added because a lot of these non-strikes were/are crucial to the outcomes of some of these matches. It’s also why they show the missed spares.

  2. I’m positive that there are some positive moments we could share let’s see how many I can list, feel free to add:



    Ummmm 4.

  3. I cant believe how off balance bowlers used to be back in the day . Lol bowling is so technical now

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