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    1. @Bowling Planet I have two questions; one, what form do u use? personally, mine is two-handed. and two, what is ur best game and average? Mine is 158 and 115. I’m a 13 year old but I’m getting constantly better at my a-game

    2. Arieon Maestas Haven’t learned to hook despite being 15, highest with a straight throw is 224 with an average around the high 150s.

    3. @Bowling Planet haven’t talked to ya in a while but I want to get pitch black and the thing is a have ice storm and I use it as a strike/spare ball and I want to get higher scores but unfortunately I don’t have enough money can someone MAYBE (but doesn’t have to)donate $140 so I can get pitch black on amazon? Just asking because I really need a new bowling ball.

    1. Because they use special sets of pins..special bumpers..etc etc during these tournaments. Not what you get at your normal alley

    2. stephen.lodo.07 It’s the #1 participation sport in the world, but due to the cost of new equipment needed to compete on the professional level, your average working class American doesn’t do much more than leagues or local tournaments. Not mention the entry fees for the tournaments, and the prize money isn’t guaranteed for everyone at every tournament. House (league, local) bowlers are catered to at local centers for league play because everyone wants the honor scores with the little effort and they’re satisfied with that. It never makes it past that level for a lot of people because it’s harder to compete with people who are better at it than you on those professional levels. People have that “something for nothing” mentality, and there are so many people that bowl or have bowled, but take it as something to bring your kids to do on a Saturday afternoon. But I feel like the exposure they get from FOX and FS1 for the next few years will definitely help.

      Rant over. Lol

  1. GUYS THAT’S ME AT THE BEGINNING OF THE VIDEO!! HAHAHAHA I literally stumbled across his randomly and holy cow this is epic

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