PBA Messengers and Lucky Strikes 3

You know what's better a strike? A lucky strike or better yet, a messenger! Bowling Planet welcomes you to 2021 with another popular requested video!

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Bowling Planet is the channel that is dedicated to funny montages revolving around the sport of professional bowling. In addition, Bowling Planet also produces top 5/10 lists on different bowling topics, highlights certain players' careers as well as highlighting televised PBA telecasts to ensure everyone can absorb all aspects of bowling.
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25 Comments on “PBA Messengers and Lucky Strikes 3”

  1. What a way to start off 2021, by bringing back one of the absolute legendary bowling series by BP. Looking forward to it. 😊👍❤️🎳🎳❤️👍😊

  2. When people have those, I would say they aren’t lucky, they have enough enough skill to knock those down with messengers with their mind

  3. 2:17 Gotta love when the A2’s have a four second rack delay instead of the standard three second delay 🤣

    1. Nick Pates shot against Troup too. That’s some crazy delay I would love to have that much in my sport shot league lmao.

  4. 8:53 Pete Weber: Hey Rob Hambone!!!

    8:55 Rob Stone: (laughs) Right back at you PDub. I got ya brotha.

    Me: Pete you goof 😆😂😂😂

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