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    1. @Greg Amerson My comment was about Steve’s claim of Pete’s mythical ability to win.

      Pete just may be the greatest of all time, but he does lose.

      Sorry I didn’t make myself even clearer than I was.

    2. @Sludge hey I’m an accomplished bowler n competitor. Man, NOBODY wins 100% at anything so I hear you loud n clear. There’s a winner n a loser in everything 👍

  1. i can understand the camera flash.  but movements and such.  they out to practice with ppl moving so that they are not distracted.  that would be like basketball stars crying that the fans are waving there stuff while they shoot. 

    1. Big difference between a basketball court with continuous crowd noise, and a bowling center during a finals match on TV — typically dead silence, when a player makes their approach (at least until they release the ball).

    2. And most times practicing at bowling alley, you won’t have people sitting on the lanes right beside you, so you are not ever going to be used to it.

    3. Chris Danna golf the fans stay still during the players swing bowling is the same it takes an extreme amount of concentration

    4. The Problem is they have the players policing it, rather than security of some sort. I wouldnt be suprised if ESPN planted that flashing camera too tick off Weber, create some drama

  2. wonder if you are going to do a pba outburst part 2 featuring pete weber complaining about belmo’s towel.

  3. Why don’t they just remove the seatings on the side? Clearly it seems those fans/people are always a distraction. 


    1. I agree. Get rid of the side seats. They really don’t have a good view of the pins there anyway.

      Also, look in the background and you’ll see Brian Voss getting a kick out of the Rash/Belmo bottle issue.

    1. Well clearly in that first clip, Belmo unscrewed his cap on his bottle, as the other man was taking his turn. That little fizzzzz can throw someone off. Thats why the other GENTLEMAN, is just like “you know better”. I definitely wouldnt say that first clip is an outburst. Just a younger bowler being ripped by an elder.

    2. @Greg Amerson 9th frame I went through the nose and left the 3,6,9,10 made the spare and then strike in the first ball in the 10th. I don’t remember the other two shots tho

    1. Andrew Bruening Id make a costume that’s just distracting while I don’t move, and I’d sit completely still.

    1. @ThatBowlingMechanic there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s after the shot. The classless thing is to complain about it. If he didn’t want to get heckled for losing, he should have hit the shot to shut them up. Otherwise, cry me a river.

    2. @ThatBowlingMechanic it was BEFORE he threw it which was horseshit. Randy had to win to keep his touring card. I dont blame him I’d have been pissed too

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