PBA Players Yelling/Raging

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Bowling Planet has returned from a 3 week hiatus! I haven't made a solid schedule yet as mentioned in the video but I hope this video makes up for the lost time!

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62 Comments on “PBA Players Yelling/Raging”

  1. Is it just me, or does everyone say something to the extent of “Ya Baby!!!! C’mon!!!! Let’s Gooooo!!!!!”

    1. After bowling on a varsity high school team, trust me, it sounds just like this, states last year was loud, but that’s the best part, it gets everyone hyped up, when your all hyped, everyone bowls good

    2. That’s because most bowlers are meatheads. I mean you don’t actually need many brain cells to compete at bowling, so that’s all they can come up with.

    1. Yeah, this needs more Ernie Schlegel and Marshall Holman. Schlegel beating Pedersen might be my favorite PBA moment ever. #fortheoldpeople

    2. @dbkparm Well, you may be right. But Schlegel should not have gotten out of his seat before yelling “I don’t believe it” 3 times, and jumping up and down like a preschooler who got picked for line leader. He could have reacted maturely. And yes, the win was very important to him, but it does NOT justify his actions.

      Yeah, I admit, Randy was a bad piece of work, but Schlegel? WHOLE different story.

    3. @Stuart Alvarez Schlegel was not a bad player. In fact he was a very good accurate shooter – and one of the best spare bowlers ever – his cocky attitude is what made him so unpopular.

    1. Tony Reyes was such a good guy. I was so happy he followed his televised 300 game with his first title back in 2007. This was very heartbreaking.

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  2. 2:36 that doesnt even sound like a celebration scream. he looks like he is in a movie like X Men origins wolverine where his wife died and he looks up and screams

  3. PDW: takes 50% of the video
    Sean rash: takes 25% of the video
    Literally everyone else: takes 25% of the video

    1. This is very accurate. At 2:33, Sean Rash almost blew my eardrums when watching with earphones.

    1. @Fortnite dance channel might want to add a diaper because the scream sounded like he made an accident in his pants lmao

    1. @Brian Wu It was a reference to comments that Belmo made that he wanted to bowl PDW so he could beat him for the tournament.

    1. I think he wanted or meant to say who u think u are I know who I am but he was so intense that it didn’t come out like he intended

  4. 6:05 “I looked up “INTENSITY” in the dictionary and I saw a picture of Pete.”

    1. @Enigmatic Brain Is one of these, a somewhat crude term synonymous with a certain part of the human anatomy, that rhymes with the word, glass bowl?

    1. Chris Barnes meant it he was fired up and he wasn’t gonna go down quiet good on him. AJ is a hot head

  5. You know its bowling when you here someone say “I’m back baby” and the opponent says “you’re back im still here”

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