PBA Playoffs Flashback | 2021 PBA Playoffs Semifinals

Highlights from the 2021 PBA Playoffs semifinals. Watch the 2022 Kia PBA Playoffs semifinals Sunday, May 8 at 1 p.m. ET on FS1.

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8 Comments on “PBA Playoffs Flashback | 2021 PBA Playoffs Semifinals”

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  2. I’m sorry you have to work with that horrible commentator next to you Randy. You living up the show with your comments. That other guy is horrible. Maybe get back our other guy back next show. That show was an older broadcast I guess. But he’s still really bad.

    1. stone matches the silly hair pick of fuzzy, both of them do
      not know what the word PRO means.

    1. Hes more of a professional than most, and his bowling over the last few years has backed it up. He’s one of the best on tour and is surely more of a pro than youll ever be, since you seem to think that having a personality and having fun with it invalidates professionalism

  3. Let’s lose the wristguards and sideweight and see who’s really the boss.

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