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    1. @Eric W He said “3 for 3. One day integrity” it was a reference to Brunswick staff winning the first two regions and Matt about to win his. PBA is using Brunswick machines and Brunswick oil so Sean was implying there was some advantage.

    2. @The Ringing Ten Are you serious???? Give me a friggin break. If that was the case, than everyone from Brunswick staff would be in the winners circle

    3. @The Ringing Ten I thought it was a purple hammer reference. There would’ve been three guys win regionals(if Russo didn’t choke) that used Purple Hammers I believe

  1. Sean was unprofessional today. BUT all that aside. the PBA and the USBC will need to evaluate the use of urethane. We have reached a weird period in the sport where urethane has become the work around to some of these patterns. Urethane was dead in the 2000’s up until a few years ago. So something has changed and it wasn’t the Purple hammer which is a very mediocre ball. I think it comes down to Power 2 handers exploiting the use of urethane knowing it destroys the lanes for reactive guys. Id love to see the PBA either ban it OR better yet give the TV pairs unlimited throws before the start. Throw some 500 grit sponges down the lane and absolutely Dry it up so urethane sucks. Defense for Defense. Ive seen right handers do this against lefties during practice to totally throw them off a easy line that they were looking to get comfy in.

    1. @Mark Simpson the tech isn’t the issue at play like the reactive controversy in the 90s. The issue is the balls get “soft” and hook a lot more. When a guy can wheel urethane 15 to 5 and still comes back on a 42+ ft pattern you gotta look at that and go hmmm ok maybe something isn’t quite balanced. That’s all this is about. Just like video games and other sports as new things come out if they work good people will only use that one ball/gun/item to win. It’s up to the leagues/developers to keep the “integrity” of the game in tact. Which is exactly what rash was upset about. Not to mention he CANT own a purple hammer due to sponsor restrictions. And the PH is a “soft “ball grabbing the lanes extra. Which is the main issue with that ball

    2. @Jason Smith the only adjustment when everybody throws urethane is to throw urethane. You can’t throw around the carry down on tight patterns. This isn’t your hack house 37ft THS. Urethane itself isn’t exactly the issue. The purple hammer is the main issue because those balls are getting “soft” to the point where guys can wheel them 25 boards on fresh 45 foot patterns and still get them to come back. Look back in the 80s and show me a long pattern guys doing that, not even Rudy kaismakis was doing that. Just needs a balance to keep things even that’s all

    3. @Bill Smith Has the way product endorsements work changed? I know the players are incentivized to throw their sponsor’s equipment, but I do remember a few times during the 90’s and 00’s that the player would throw a ball from a company not sponsoring them since it gave them a better chance of winning.

    4. @Bill Smith well, he would’ve if he’d stuck with Brunswick (yet he’s admitted to hating throwing urethane personally). You could say the same about IQ Tour Solid, for years other brands tried to duplicate that gem. How is one company making a superior product a problem?

    5. So many things to address:
      1) Randy please don’t encourage the commissioner to fine players. This sport is a joke in terms of how little it’s professionals make. Pretty sure most professional athletes don’t have full time jobs outside of their sport. Sponsorships are a joke too. Sean has always been animated, but he apologized with Kimberley and that’s good enough.

      2) There are two types of PH’s:
      -EBI manufactured – these are the original San Antonio plant produced PH’s. The vast majority of the balls release are perfectly legal but there were a couple batches that were deemed illegal because they were too soft. Those serial numbers are well documented and therefor illegal and not allowed in competition.

      PH’s yes have more shape than some urethan, that’s because it’s not 100% urethan, spoiler alerts it’s got reactive blended in the cover formula.

      -Brunswick Manufactured- Matt Russo was throwing this version and they roll completely different and even earlier than EBI.

      3) Not one professional bowler is using urethan to mess up another professional. Period. Just not sure anyone gets how much better these guys are then the best guy you bowl with at league or amateur sport shot leagues.

      Don’t say two handers are using it to mess up the lanes for reactive guys. Two handers and power players use it to control the backends because of their revs. Lefty’s use it because it rolls early and it’s hard to break a lane down by yourself on sport shots. What lefty’s do we see on TV usually? Butters and Jesper who both throw urethan and have +500 revs!

      Team USA faces 5 man teams throwing urethan because a lot of regions globally have drier lane conditions and reactive covers with huge cores would hook onto the lane next you.

      4) THE BIGGEST ISSUE was not Urethan today. It was horrible spare shooting. Literally atrocious. The amount of opens and inconsistent shots was embarrassing.

  2. Is rash going to get fine for something he said or causing a distraction? If it’s for distraction gods gift to bowling Mr. Belmonte should get fined every telecast or never be allowed a water bottle on set.

    1. @Jeremy Migonis I didn’t see the telecast but I also know it wouldn’t be the first time he has swore on TV. I know he’s blown up on belmonte in the past. But that’s the curse of live TV. Should have it on like a 1 min delay.

  3. Muchas Felicidades Arturo Quintero!!! México esta muy orgulloso gracias a ti!
    Vamos Arturo, Vamos México!!

  4. These were tough lane conditions to bowl on so expect low scores. The matches bowled on fresh lanes were not high scores (i.e. don’t blame urethane/tough shot/deal with it.). I couldn’t hear the broadcast because I was watching at my local bowling alley during my league. I hope I can see a rerun because I enjoy the commentary. I follow Brad and Kyle on YouTube. Congrats to them for put ting on a good show and respectable scores. Congratulations to Quintero for putting on an even better show and scores.

  5. If you´re Sean Rash you simply have to play the lottery. How lucky can you get. He must be a sure thing for the finals with that kind of luck…

  6. So you take the time to apologize and then void the whole apology by saying its just me being me and “it is what it is”?!?!?! You’re not sorry for anything. Karma’s record is 100%.

  7. Of course Rash directed this at Russo and the ball he was throwing. Tried to get Russo to crack and it worked. Great job for him winning at someone else’s expense. Must be a proud moment.

  8. I am going to bring this up because it is obvious and I dont think anyone else has mentioned it. Am I the only one that notices that it seems no matter what the pattern is; that the lefties have unlimited bounce off the gutter? Urethane or not. On a 45 foot pattern when right handers with high rev rates are forced to play inside, how does a left hander get to have ball reaction out at the gutter? I get the PBA wanting to level the playing field somewhat since there are fewer left handers. But there is a drastic difference in ball reactions. It has gotten to the point that out of bounds doesnt exist on the left side. They can just keep wheeling it to the gutter and getting the ball to recover with no problem. Yet, how many times did the right hander pay the price for leaking the ball outside of second arrow? If the PBA wants to be fair, then make it fair. On 45 feet there has to be OB at some point.

    1. There’s no difference in the left or right side of a pattern. The difference is the amount of traffic you have on your side. Lefty’s like myself have more area to play because of there not being much traffic on our side. You effectively did what rash did about urethanes. You have complained about it. It’s literally how the sport goes. Not everyone is going to throw left handed or right handed or two handed only. Each person has their own unique style that’s what makes this sport so great and so interesting. Don’t go bashing on the left side because you struggle or see a pro “struggle”. Each and every person will have their own challenges on the lanes. So why not just worry about your own. 😑

  9. Rash says “it’s just me being me and vocal and outbursting and whatever”. That really means he is unapologetic and is resistant to doing better. I’m glad he’s gonna be sanctioned in some way by the PBA. They need to mark the incident clearly and let the world know we expect better of all our sports ambassadors.

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