PBA Post Show presented by Kia | 2022 USBC Masters

The PBA Post Show for the 2022 USBC Masters stepladder finals from Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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21 Comments on “PBA Post Show presented by Kia | 2022 USBC Masters”

  1. really happy for simo, but i would’ve loved for Norm to get number 41 here. One of the kindest souls the sports ever seen, he will be severely missed. Cant wait for Playoffs next week.

    1. Pretty much, from the regular PBA Tour, But I guess not the PBA league and possibly some other events

  2. Norm seems like such a nice guy. I have never met him, but I have heard nothing but good things about him. One of my Sunday night league teammates and I have weekly passes to attend all the PBA league events in July, so really excited about that. Hopefully will get the chance to meet Norm in person (I grew up watching him along with Walter Ray, Parker Bohn, and Pete Weber). Looking forward to the PBA league draft.

  3. This event did not go like it should…..was really hoping for Miller/Duke with Duke winning.

  4. We’ll miss ya, Norm Duke. And congrats to Simonsen on the win! It’s a new generation of bowlers.

  5. Love you Norm you were my IDOL growing up.. It was a great honor watching you for all these years.. It was a HONOR meeting you at 07 Masters at AMF BOWLERO Wauwatosa.. YOU WILL BE MISSED..

  6. Once upon a time, I saw a ‘young squire’, close to my age then, win his first PBA title in North Olmstead, OH (1983 Cleveland Open – Buckeye Lanes). Today, I saw the ‘Svengali’ of the PBA, now a 40 time titleist and HoF’er, try to get that one last hurrah, and he JUST about ‘got er done’.😉 I was pulling for EITHER Brad, or Norm to pull it off, but not to be. A hearty congrats to young master ‘Simo’; a well deserved win, and will be followed up by many more in the years to come. ALL 5 of you guys had an AWESOME performance this week, and was MUCH deserved. 👍

  7. As 1 year older than Norm. Would have love to see him win it.. Just the way the pins bounce. Norm didn’t lose it. Simonson took it away. He needed a strike and did it.

  8. Love ya Norm. All the memories I have meeting you and talking with you, I will carry them forever. I’m certainly happy for you my friend.

  9. Thank You Gold Coast Casino for hosting this wonderful event. By far the best overall casino in Las Vegas. (Please open the buffet)

    1. Brad should have won that third match. If he marks in the ninth I think he wins, instead he picked the worst time to make a bad shot and paid the price.

  10. Storm should make a ball for Norm. Name it “The Duke” or something like that. Just make sure it’s hard enough.

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