19 Comments on “PBA Post Show presented by Pabst Blue Ribbon | PBA Players Championship Finals”

  1. PBA on fox is great combo. Also, 6 pack and PBR, what took so long? This season is playing out to be great!

  2. I hope that Sean Rash learns a little humility after getting called out & punished for his verbal outburst & poor sportsmanship .
    If he wants to learn what class looks like, look no further than the man who beat him tonight

    1. @Chance Holtonyou probably got your information from Sean rash. Jason is a class act all around, go look into all the good he does for the sport, including taking time to interact with all his fans and help the younger bowlers of the sport.

    2. @Chance Holton whatever you want to believe. Sean’s tears real after complaining about losing against a lefty? ha!

  3. Rash trying to get some screen time back there during Belmo’s interview. Where’s the runner up interview? 🙂

    Cameraman understood the assignment…

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