PBA Pro Bowlers Tour Mark Roth vs. Walter Ray Williams Jr.

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PBA Pro Bowlers Tour Mark Roth vs. Walter Ray Williams Jr.

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27 Comments on “PBA Pro Bowlers Tour Mark Roth vs. Walter Ray Williams Jr.”

  1. WRW Jr. is just a legend. Like it had to be mentally difficult to bowl him because you knew he was just never going to make a ‘bad’ shot, and he was never going to miss one or two pin spares. You had to beg for him to get tapped a lot, and be on fire stringing up strikes to beat him.

    Meanwhile, and I may be wrong about this, Roth was a trailblazer revving the ball and a legend in his own right.

  2. Mark Roth has been my favorite bowler all this time, I remember Bowling with just one ball years ago, shooting my spares with my strike ball and being questioned about it.

  3. I remember back in the days of watching bowling on channel 7 on Saturday’s in NYC it’s fun to watch and I’d went years later to learn to bowl the first time and I was hooked on it had a lot of fun playing the game 💯💯💯👍🎳🎳🎳🎳

  4. Roth- my favorite bowler of all time. Totally changed the sport. Every power player today owes this man…..

  5. I grew up watching Roth take the torch from Anthony. Rooted against him, didn’t like his style. But the guy was so consistent, not just with the big strike ball but a great spare shooter. Always cashed, week after week. I was rooting for him on this one.

  6. What a great win for Mark Roth, over Walter Ray Williams, Jr. Made the great adjustment, and rolled on to victory like he has done so many times before. God bless you, Mark!

  7. Mark we all wish you a speedy recovery. We all are fans of yours for years. ( Rainbow Lanes) Brooklyn New York Sheepshead Bay. I met you there and you walked in and asked you how are u doin. I remember Larry Starr who bowled there as well.

  8. Loved the Mercury Cougar Open, Watched Earl Anthony win a Mercury Cougar!! Forget who he bowled against,Loved that match!! Just as much as this 1!!

  9. God bless u Mark. Hope you’re getting better n better every day. Thanks for all the memories growing up watching u.

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