PBA Pro Bowlers Tour Steve Cook Vs. Earl Anthony

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PBA Pro Bowlers Tour Steve Cook Vs. Earl Anthony


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19 Comments on “PBA Pro Bowlers Tour Steve Cook Vs. Earl Anthony”

  1. 3 balls on the rack. Back when bowlers adjusted to the lanes by moving, as opposed to just grabbing another ball.

  2. High rotation Steve Cook and left-hander just like Earl, pushes the oil down to the left-handed break point. This gives Steve an advantage as his high revs can still get traction at the break but Earl’s smooth, slow stroke doesn’t have the finish to carry the strikes he normally does.

  3. Being a lefty myself, I remember watching this match and trying to copy Steve’s release later on that night… quick thumb + leverage = big power shots….

    1. As another lefty, I do so as well. I wasn’t as tall but I loved that release. I modified the grip to suit me and I’ve held my own, including 4 300s. BUT, I idolized these guys when I started at 12 years old in 1983.

    1. Best thing about Steve Cook’s game wasn’t that he had so much power, no no, look how low he gets for his size, and all the leverage he has at that point gives him that awesome power!!!!

  4. Tough game for Earl Anthony, which was a rarity. He was the most elite bowlers, in the history of the sport. He was a legendary big game bowler. In the most pressured moments, Earl would step up his game and beat you.

  5. With that brick wall in the background and the beige masking units, was this event held at Mel’s South Shore Bowl in Alameda?

  6. @King Of TV Bowling…..do you have the 1983 Southern California Open where Don Genalo went “Greek Church, Five Out” to lose the title to Jimmie Pritts?

    1. I will add it to the list we are working on, its possible we have it . Currently working on a couple large collections, it could be in one of those. Thanks for viewing.

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