PBA Pro Bowling PS4 Gameplay vs Norm Duke

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23 Comments on “PBA Pro Bowling PS4 Gameplay vs Norm Duke”

  1. Loving this game on Switch…. I can’t put it down (play it mostly on handheld).

    However, after seeing this video, I’m going to have to buy it for PS4. It looks waaaaaaay better on this version of the game. These graphics are nice. 👍🏾

  2. Why is there no animation for the approach? They should’ve added a power meter during the back swing or something.

  3. プロボウラーすごっ‼️ 私もマイボウラーだけど200はいかないよ😃上手すぎ⛹️🤼🌠

  4. This is literally just PBA Bowling Challenge ( mobile version ), but on Ps4. The sounds the ball and pins sound very similar to the mobile version.

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