PBA Skills Challenge Funny Moments

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The most underrated PBA event of all time in my opinion, deserves to have its own MOMENTS series because of the many highlights it brought to the world. Now, it's time to bring some revival to the series on the channel!

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28 Comments on “PBA Skills Challenge Funny Moments”

  1. Welcome to the pba bowlers kissing hugging, getting enraged, and happy video starring Jason couch and Parker Bohn the third kissing like they are super gay

  2. I got to see Norm Duke do some of these tricks in person once. He told everyone the way these were filmed was the pros would just shoot at all kinds of things for hours and the production crew would edit out all the misses to make the final version for tv.

    1. Yikes, no wonder they took this off of TV but considering that there is no audience to watch now, it seems like a perfect time to bring this back!

  3. I remember watching this when it aired.This event was fantastic and so fun. I miss this type of event

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