PBA Splits – Part 1 (2009-10 Season)

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The inaugural quarantine series that's sure to entertain is finally here! Just to be clear, yes I am including washouts as they are somewhat difficult to convert as opposed to the baby split. As always, I'm open to new video ideas so let me know what you guys think in the comments! Bowling Planet is also now CC-enabled for those in need!

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Bowling Planet is the channel that is dedicated to funny montages revolving around the sport of professional bowling. In addition, Bowling Planet also produces top 5/10 lists on different bowling topics, highlights certain players' careers as well as highlighting televised PBA telecasts to ensure everyone can absorb all aspects of bowling.
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Intro Music: Hang Up (feat. Savoi) by WRLD

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0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Motor City Open
1:54 – Cheetah Championship
3:16 – Viper Championship
3:51 – Chameleon Championship
4:29 – Scorpion Championship
6:05 – Shark Championship
6:21 – World Championship
7:29 – Pepsi Red, White & Blue Open
7:53 – Earl Anthony Memorial
8:18 – Tournament of Champions
8:59 – Dick Weber Open
9:58 – CP3 Invitational
11:00 – USBC Masters
11:11 – Don and Paula Carter Mixed Doubles
12:18 – US Open
13:19 – Don Johnson Eliminator
13:37 – GoRVing Championship
15:05 – Plastic Ball Championship
15:24 – Marathon Open
15:32 – Experience Showdown
16:37 – Summer Team Shootout

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27 Comments on “PBA Splits – Part 1 (2009-10 Season)”

  1. Hello bowling planet just so you know I love every premieres/uploads and I look forward to watching this premiere and your the best. Also l hope part 2 is soon you are the best bowling channel ever. And congrats on 7.2k subscribers you really deserve it. 1 like = we like bowling planet and I bet this video is amazing have a lovely day

    1. Hello, I am also looking forward to the premiere. Believe it or not, Bowling Planet and myself actually arranged the timing for this amazing premiere together. πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Same. This is also like waiting for the (much-needed) upcoming Summer Holidays.

      By the way, since this comment was pinned by Bowling Planet himself, I felt that I needed to respond, so you are welcome, elijefe414.

    2. eljefe414 for me it’s like opening a present and it was a toy back when I was kid
      Naruto pun: reminds me the time I stubbed my toe
      Get it? Like it if u get it

  2. 0:33 “Please enjoy the hard work it took to make this all buttery smooth 60fps. Thanks πŸ™‚

    Me: This is going to be a brilliant video.

  3. Geez that outdoor bowling looked brutal. Can you imagine what that would do to the patterns and the approaches? I never watched the whole event but it looked like the pros struggled on that one

  4. Welcome back! I’m so happy to see another video on the channel! I can’t wait to watch more of my favorite YouTuber πŸ™‚

  5. 10:13 Well, Bowling Planet, a “washout” in bowling is technically a ‘split’, with the head pin standing. Therefore, I think this ‘split’ (aka the 1-3-5-7) does indeed count as a washout, even though it looks very odd.

    1. Just informing you that a washout is not a split. It’s not considered one anyway because of the headpin. Just informing no. Have a wonderful day!

  6. 1:03 that was some weird stuff on the spare attempt. That reminded me of eric armirola at the 1-3-6 at the cp3 event

  7. 16:50 who is that guy Chris Loshetter or robert smith. is mike jakubowzki commentating the 2010 shootout

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