PBA Televised 300 Game #21: Jason Belmonte

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PBA 60th Anniversary Collection: All-Time Televised 300 Games. Jason Belmonte vs. Mike Fagan and Brian Kretzer in the 2012 PBA World Championship in Las Vegas, NV.

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62 Comments on “PBA Televised 300 Game #21: Jason Belmonte”

    1. ethan foxall I agree since one hand it’s harder to create power but easier to be consistent and accurate, 2 handed is easy to make power but is very difficult to be consistent and accurate without decades of practice

  1. To those complaining about Belmonte’s style I can understand but think about it like this: He chooses not to use his thumb so he is using the other hand just for support. Similar to a basketball shot where they support the ball with two hands at first but then follow through with one (Ballin’ pose). I’ve tried it before and while it gives you much higher spin it’s actually very difficult to do consistently like that, so more power to him for perfecting it.

    1. @Rob’s World You dont see how 2-handed bowling is an advantage? Bro are you blind? 2-handed bowling a MASSIVE advantage… So much so, they are literally changing the rules, the balls, the the patterns to combat it…

    2. @RobVoyles You dont need to be as accurate when you have that rev rate and power.. Point being this video.. Belmo’s pocket and margin of error were so much larger.. It is not possible for 1 hander’s to create the some torque, rev, and power of a 2 hander. This because the 2-handed style has 2 hand support, and the hop-skip which put literally the whole body and arm behind the shot…

  2. Not a single guy gave Belmo a Bro-hug. Not like it used to be. A lot of people would storm the approach and mob the guy when he bowled a 300 back in the day. Now- whoopie, big deal.

    1. a 300 game isnt that unusal now…kids with a year of experience get 300s useing a 2 handed style…

    2. @Apt knife thrower guy I’d love to see this. Because I am 100% calling bs. I bowled from the time I was 4 til I was 17. Pepsi super regionals in DC 6 of those years. Never topped 278. 2 handed is way harder to control, and in tournament play you cannot throw two handed and then switch to one handed for a spare. So where it gives you more spin, it hurts you when picking up spares. And in order to be consistent, I PROMISE you it takes longer than a years experience.

    3. @Aj 20 Been bowling for a year and nearly averaging a 180. I know some people have quicker rates at improving but this def seems like bs.

    1. @J Crossan He definitely was not “nice” saying it. It was a completely unnecessary comment to make and karma bit Fagan in the butt by the end of the match for saying it.

  3. wow. a 2 handed bowler gets a 300 and fagan loses to someone he talked smack on. what a wonderful video.

    1. I bowl two handed bc I have shoulder injuries (unrelated to bowling.) And while it is hard to get the hang of, once you find a rhythm with it, it’s hard to feel comfortable with another style.

    1. I think Roy Munson would of gave Belmonte a run for the money if he didn’t lose his bowling hand. 🤔

  4. Meanwhile I’m over here like: One of my bumpers fell, can I get an employee over here so I can continue dominating?

  5. I never understood why, that when that 2 handed roll came out, everyone thought it was so “revolutionary”. My kids have been bowling like that since they were kids…

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