PBA Televised 300 Game #22: Chris Barnes

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PBA 60th Anniversary Collection: All-Time Televised 300 Games. Chris Barnes vs. Sean Rash and Jason Belmonte in the 2012 PBA GEICO Shark Open in Las Vegas, NV.

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53 Comments on “PBA Televised 300 Game #22: Chris Barnes”

    1. Not being aggressive, i just wanna recommend Tommy Jones’ 300 game televised in the previous year. I reckon it’s the best, in that it was the final match.

  1. I’m so happy they don’t talk to the players while they’re bowling anymore. It’s nice to know what they’re thinking but when I have my ball in my hand, don’t talk to me.

    1. Wish my group of friends wouldn’t talk to me when I have ball in hand but they still do unless I listen to music.

    2. Idk I think some people overreact to it. On one hand I think that you should be quiet while people are bowling, but on the other hand, athletes from almost every other major sport have to deal with pressure like when nfl kickers are kicking or when NBA players are throwing a free throw, and when bowlers cry about noise they SOMETIMES can come off as babies.

      Also, like the other guy said, they literally talked to Chris Barnes mid-game lol

    1. Classy, but pretty standard behavior for the pros. They all know each other and give full respect when someone is bowling a 300. The only exception would be if it was Rash who was bowling the 300. Since he and Belmo hate each other, Belmo would probably ask for several re-racks just to stretch it out and freeze Rash, lol

    2. @Chris Haney Fantasy time, story-telling time, wishful thinking time. “I don’t have to work on my game, the blessing of the lord be unto me and I will raise my average by 30 pins”.

    1. I know I hate it! The shot from behind the pins is so annoying I just want to see the ball go down the lane

  2. Chris Barnes, the man who I personally saw 10 years ago wiping his ball with one hand by tossing it in the air. (Pink storm ball)

    Glad to see him change his style and pick up the nuances. He seems to be reading the other players ball to get a good read for his own.

    1. Mark He may know what he is doing, but maybe his idea of the needed adjustment was to hit it harder or hit where he wanted to. He may simply have been missing his marks.

  3. I can watch this 1000 times and Belmo’s “Alright buddy…show them your best” gets me every time. The perfect comment.

    1. Well need to watch it a few more times so you are able to quote the man correctly. Take the quotes off because that’s not what he said.

    1. I have been struggling with my bowling game. I want to bowl score is 300 game before I go my new house in Galtrinburg Tennessee.

  4. Love it when a dad can shine in front of his kids,. And they can be there to hug and kiss him. The 300 game is secondary to the moment.

    1. 8 months… trying to think if this was before or after that latest/ horrid SFU album came out lol

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