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  1. I’d forgotten PBA Commissioner Tom Clark saying “You know we don’t have any money, right?” as he approached Rash to congratulate him. That’s funny stuff!!

    1. Sean is the only with 2 nationally televised games during PBA competition.
      Ryan Shafer has 1 and his other 300 on TV was during the team shootouts they did a few years ago before PBA League.
      Chris Barnes has 2 also, but 1 was XtraFrame (Japan).
      Shota Kawazoe shot back-to-back 300’s in Japan. Those 300’s were followed up with Wendy McPherson shooting a 300 of her own.

  2. Fun fact. He’s Using a Johnny Petraglia signature Brunswick ball. Johnny Petraglia was the 7th person to bowl a televised 300.

    1. this is really weird. I see that now….maybe I had both games open and commented on this one instead? Cause #25 he was using the ball I was talking about.

  3. Looks like an easy shot since EVERY time both bowlers’ ball hit the pocket they got a strike. That’s probably why Chris Barnes averaged so high…the few times he didn’t strike was because he missed the pocket. Must be nice to get that kind of pin carry on the PBA tour.

    1. the prize for a televised 300 game has always been 10k which I think is interesting because 10k today isn’t worth nearly as much as when the first televised 300 game was bowled. The first guy who bowled a televised 300 game received 10k, which is worth the same as almost 80k today

  4. So they not gonna go to commercial after Chris already lost by 130 pins 🤦🏼‍♂️

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