PBA Televised 300 Game #24: Ronnie Russell

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PBA 60th Anniversary Collection: All-Time Televised 300 Games. Ronnie Russell vs. Sean Rash & JR Raymond in the 2014 PBA Chameleon Championship in Las Vegas, NV.

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34 Comments on “PBA Televised 300 Game #24: Ronnie Russell”

    1. @baliktad8 I need some help me to bowl score is 103 between 300 or perfect game during my bowling league games at Smyrna Bowling center tomorrow afternoon because I am so ready and nervous about I have my bowling league games at Smyrna Bowling center tomorrow afternoon.

    2. People making fun of a 300 are just sad. The difference between a flush hit and lucky trips is 1 inch. Hop off the keyboard, bowl your 160 average, then complain about the lane conditions to make yourself feel better

    3. @joshtacos I disagree. He was playing a tight line, but he knew if he missed inside he would have a better chance of carrying. If he hit too flush or just a tiny bit shallow he would leave a 10 pin (see Rash’s 7th frame and Russell’s 11th shot). I submit that yeah, he pulled left a couple of times, and hit maybe half a board further left than he was intending. It was, however, within his margin of error on the day, and it was the better choice to keep striking.

    1. I’m sure he did. If I leave a bunch 10’s I usually step back 1 or2 steps on the aproach.

    1. right! And I get it, 300s aren’t rare in the grand scheme. joe schmo scrubs can get 300s and I’ve seen it. But on this stage, with this pressure.. it deserves credit!

    1. Howard Hammond you need to get lucky at least once to get a 300. It’s happened to all of them. I’ve been watching them all in order.

    2. First 300 I bowled in my 40′ sport shot league in 2009, I chicken winged the heck out of my final ball due to nerves, and carried a really bad Brooklyn shot. Was using the first Ebonite Gamebreaker at the time.

  1. 13:05

    You can here a guy telling him it would be the 24th televised perfect game if you listen closely, lmfao.

  2. I was in the 6th and I was starting to think that this wasn’t that bad and then the next few frames happened.

  3. I completely forgot JR Raymond was bowling. I’ve been following his bowlerx channel for awhile now, and the other week it just came up in one of his ball review videos, about how he was bowling against Ronnie when he threw that 300 during the Chameleon Championship, and I was like oh wow I forgot about that. Watching him bowl now compared to then his throw is definitely smoother and he’s more balanced. Six years ago already I feel like I was just watching this man time flies.

  4. Did a double take when I saw JR Raymond, his videos helped me a lot, and I didn’t realize he had ever played on a telecast

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