PBA Televised 300 Game #26: François Lavoie

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PBA 60th Anniversary Collection: All-Time Televised 300 Games. François Lavoie vs. Shawn Maldonado in the 2016 U.S. Open in Las Vegas, NV.

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30 Comments on “PBA Televised 300 Game #26: François Lavoie”

  1. Him: bowl 300, win $10,000 bonus, show no emotion. Me: bowl 200, high fives and back slaps all around, euphoric feeling lasts for days.

    1. I know the feeling. I’m 30 and just bowled a 646 series last night(245, 213, 188. Bad back so 3rd game was pushing my limit) and had more excitement than he did hahaha.

  2. He’s such a nice guy too, got to bowl a pro am with him, was super nice, even helped me out with my game. And I got a pic with him, which to me is amazing!

  3. That last shot looks like it missed wide right but decided to snap back and crush it! Well played Sir! Never get tired watching 300’s

  4. Bravo François. Tu as un très beau style et tu es humble. C’est tout à ton honneur. Tu es la fierté des Québécois. Bravo!!

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