PBA Televised 300 Game #29: François Lavoie

François Lavoie versus Sean Rash during the Round of 16 at the 2020 PBA Playoffs. Lavoie became the second bowler in PBA history (along with Rash) to roll two career televised 300 games in PBA title events.

Originally aired October 17, 2020 from Bowlero Centreville in Centreville, Virginia.

Rash has been involved in a PBA-record six televised 300 games, rolling two and opposing four (Chris Barnes, Ronnie Russell, Jakob Butturff, Lavoie). Two other players, Ryan Shafer and Wes Malott, have rolled two televised perfect games, but Rash and Lavoie are the only two to do so in title events.

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44 Comments on “PBA Televised 300 Game #29: François Lavoie”

    1. Francois is my favorite pba bowler. He reminds me of myself. He has a relatively low rev rate and relies on shot making to get a good score. He’s my inspiration and I try my best to learn and improve from him.

  1. i love that he became the 2nd player to throw 2 300s on tv against the first player to throw 2 300s lmaoo

    1. @jordan Aldaco the king of swing was a non title pba event, so they didnt count as “official” 300s

    1. @40 subscribers challenge After François got his 6th and 7th strike, I was like, “What Am I Witnessing, a Massacre to Sean Rash?” 😂

    1. love the fact that you could hear Belmo scream after his 11th shot in the background 😀
      Belmo was almost as happy as Lavoie that there was a 300 in TV with a ball he helped making

  2. My freshman year of college I had the pleasure of bowling against Francois, it was his senior year, soft spoken and super nice guy.

  3. Love the sportsmanship of Rash taking the video of Lavoie. These guys are all friends off of the TV. Very cool to watch him roll a perfect game.

  4. I love how rash is such a good sport and even started rooting for him. You can see towards the end he started recording.

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