PBA Televised 300 Game #32: Chris Via

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Chris Via versus EJ Tackett during the opening match of the 2021 PBA Tour Finals Group 1 stepladder. Via would go on to lose the next match to Kyle Troup, who won the Group 1 stepladder but ultimately finished second to Anthony Simonsen in the PBA Tour Finals.

Originally aired June 27, 2021 from Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park, Michigan.

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24 Comments on “PBA Televised 300 Game #32: Chris Via”

  1. I was so happy I caught this on TV when it was televised! I’m happy Chris’s parents were there to witness it as well!

    1. A truly verified person with no replies always seem weird to me. Yea I was so happy as well

    1. @Joel Lee Yep, Chris Via indeed has made bowling history. Not only to have 2 televised 300 games in the same year, but to have the day he won the US Open as a holiday for his hometown.

  2. is that the same bowling shirt that Chris Via wore in the East Region Stepladder Finals in the Players Championship where he shot his televised 300 game?

  3. Chris Via is the first ever bowler to bowl 2 perfect games *IN THE SAME YEAR!*

    1. Well, you mean bowl 2 perfect games ON TV in the same year. I think that Tackett, Simonson, Troupe, Prather, and every other top pro have bowled at least 3 or 4 perfect games every year. It’s just rare when they do it during the TV finals.

  4. Chris is from my home city Dayton OH Springfield is part of Dayton OH and I work at a bowling alley called Capri Lanes

  5. Via’s 10th shot missed right..but he had a bit of miss room there and it came back to carry light. The 11th shot was too fast and the ball didn’t drive, almost leaving him a 7-10. But that 12 shot, and the first 9 shots, were stone flush. He has such a smooth, powerful game. Via’s going to contend for years to come.

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