PBA Televised 300 Game #33: Kyle Troup

Kyle Troup vs. Kris Prather in the semifinal match of the 2022 PBA Tour Finals Group 1 stepladder. Troup went on to lose the final match to Jason Belmonte, who ultimately went on to win the tournament and also bowled a perfect game in the championship match. Troup and Belmonte are the first players ever to bowl a PBA televised 300 game on the same day.

Originally aired June 5, 2021 from Strikerz Bowling at Angel of the Winds Casino in Arlington, Washington.

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25 Comments on “PBA Televised 300 Game #33: Kyle Troup”

    1. @WAZZZZZUPPPPPPP dudes right. Troups been around awhile now. The fro jokes are boring and used up.

  1. Also can’t wait for belmo 34th to come out because damn belmo got 2 televised 300 games.

  2. 11:52 Even though Prather is clearly super frustrated he still cheered on Troup . Respect . Great game

  3. Kyle Troup is such a great addition to the PBA. His personality is really fun to watch and he does a great job getting the audience pumped up! Pick it out!!! The double pick, baybeeeee!!!

  4. I watched this in person, and holy this was the most hype thing ive ever seen, and then to know that belmo did it games later in the title match, that was even more hype, best event ive watched so glad i could do it in person
    EDIT: Im actually the fan that won the Kris Prather signed bowling ball, was so happy and excited, this week of the pba in WA was the best week of my life

  5. The PBA is full of winners and even when they lose, it is with grace and respect! Congrats to Kyle Troup, a legend in the making!

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